What We Do

Acropolis works as a production designer and Art director for Indian feature films and TV commercials. We also work on feature films from abroad being shot in India.

While Production Design, Art Direction and Set Decoration are three distinct departments, we at Acropolis can offer all three services to our clients, under one roof, so to speak.

We are perfectionists with a passion closely shared by our tripod team. Our effort has always been to push our limits and resist compromise at all levels. Our hands-on experience, sound qualifications and background tirelessly sustain Acropolis' values. Our services include:

Theme Sets
Period Sets
Indian culture sets
Contemporary International Sets
Global Urbanscapes
Ethnic Ruralscapes

In addition to the above, we are always on the lookout for concepts that are novel to us. We love challenges and, as our reputation will testify, we go a long way in ensuring complete satisfaction from our clients.